We have a wide variety of meals and daily specials. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any dietary restrictions.

Takeaway is also available


lasagna with rigatoni, hand made bolognese (beef) and bechamel cream. Served with parmesan on the top

13 €


delicious lasagna made with eggplant, potatoes covered in bechamel cream. Comes either with ground beef or as a vegan version

14 €


slowly baked vegetables (tomato, paprika, eggplant or zucini) stuffed with rice and herbs. Served with Feta cheese and tzatziki

13 €


mix of eggplant, zucini, potatoes (regular and swwet), carrots, perppers slwoly baked in tomato sauce, olive oil and oregano. Comes with Feta cheese and tzatziki

13 €


pasta stuffed with handmade bolognese. 100% Beef and little bit of bechamel cream, garlic, tomato sauce, olive oil oregano, mozarella and parmesan on the top

13 €

Chicken soup in greek style

served either with rice, egg and lemon sauce or with potatoes and carrots, lemon and dill

13 €


delicious ground beef baked with spices served with potatoes and carrots

13 €

Greek salad

if you don't know what Greek salad is, you must try it now! Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta and love


Tuna salad

Just a simple tasty tuna salad



wheat and rye bread with pork ham, cheeze and cherry tomatoes



turkey ham, cheeze, cherry tomatoes and mayonnaise



layered pastry with chopped nuts and sweet syrup

5 €


filter coffee 3 €
espresso 3 €
cappucino 4 €
latte 450
greek coffee (our special) 4 €
hot chocolate 450
tea 350
frappe 450
freddo espresso 450
freddo capucino 450
juices 6 €
soft drinks 3 €


Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 9-20

Saturday-Sunday: 11-20


Uudenmaankatu 19-21

00120 Helsinki, Finland

Phone number

044 5553844

We also offer catering

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Hello, I'm Giorgos

I have over 20 years of experience in service industry. Part of my life was spent in Crete, Greece. Finland can be cold at times, so I wanted to create a space where everyone would feel welcome. In 2015 Cafetino was born. It always brings me pleasure to share some of our Greek food with you. So please come, have a seat, and I will tell you what we have for the day.